Remote Working - By Paul Adkins, Recruitment Director, talentorder Paul.adkins@talentorder.com

Remote Working

By Paul Adkins, Recruitment Director, talentorder Paul.adkins@talentorder.com

Here at talentorder, we have been lucky! Our business has always encouraged flexible working patterns for our staff and we are fortunate enough to work in an industry that allows us to do so! So, when it came to lockdown, we were a little concerned like all of you, but optimistic, that with a few adjustments, we could get through this.

There have been some challenges of course, having to factor in home-schooling, refereeing disputes amongst siblings, avoiding the desire to watch every box-set possible on Netflix and not eating your own weight in snacks!

By now, you have probably adjusted to your new ‘norm’ and got into some form of productive pattern…whatever that looks like! And, who I am I to tell you what’s the right way, it’s whatever works best for you! But, if you’re still struggling to find the levels of productivity you’d like, then if you can take anything from what’s working for us, then we’re happy to be of some small help.

Scheduled conference / video meetings to ensure structure and a true understanding of your teams activities and progress, it is essential to set and stick to scheduled meetings. Staff build these meetings into daily planning and helps by setting structure into their day, creating some purpose.

Make sure that you build in time to talk about anything other than work, a lot of the daily comradery of the office is lost. In some cases, it’s only your office colleagues who get to see certain aspects of your personality, continue team-bonding, as this can often fuel the creativity of the group. WhatsApp Groups, quick fire quizzes, boxsets conversation and just general chat in moderation, is essential. A bit of healthy banter on how everyone is getting on has been a great way to lift spirits or break down repetitive flat days.

With so many tech sharing tools available, projects and tasks can be shared and updated immediately to ensure transparency and progress. Simple tools such as google keep or Dropbox are great ways to keep simple progression, without the need of heavy CRM tools.

Set up a designated workspace, trust me, sitting on the sofa, with a laptop, in front of a TV, watching re-runs of Breaking Bad in the background, is not productive, however tempting! Setup a dedicated space or work station with good posture to get you in the right mindset to work. There are some cheap laptop stands available online at Amazon which are perfect for creating a better setup.

Get dressed you lazy bugger…I’m not saying don’t continue to live from your laundry basket, but try not to sit there and work in the clothes you have just slept in, it will help to get you in the right frame of mind.

It takes an extra focus and consistency to stay connected when you’re not in actual physical proximity of your co-workers, team members and colleagues, but – with a little discipline and creativity in addition to technology – it is possible to keep both productivity and team spirits high.

Paul Adkins
Recruitment Director

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Amy Morris 20.05.2020 09:41
Great article Paul!

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