Top 5 job types in demand 2021

Top 5 job types in demand 2021
8.11.2020 | By Paul Adkins, International Recruitment Director, talentorder
As the world continues to change at a rapid pace and technology dominates the most in demand jobs, I have listed below my predictions for the top 5 most in demand job types.
Cyber Security
Cyber Security has been a growth job type over the past 10 years, with continued demand in 2020. This is driven by the continued high importance of companies' requirement to protect customer data and secure businesses from attacks. 

With a shortage in cyber security skills, I see continued demand for IT and Operationally focused Cyber Security professionals. The average salary talentorder noted for a Cyber Security Analyst is £45,000.

Cloud IT Specialist 
With businesses moving operations and functions to the cloud, roles such as Cloud Engineers are becoming one of the most demanded roles for 2020.  

The average salary talentorder noted for a Cloud Engineer is £56,000.

SEO Marketer
With businesses continuing to grow their online presence, there is a HOT demand for marketing specialists with SEO and data skills.

The average salary talentorder noted for a SEO Marketer is £40,000.

AI and Machine Learning
The AI and Machine learning revolution has started and continues to change the way we all live our lives. With businesses continuing to advance AI and Machine learning strategies, we expect to see demand in all aspects of AI and Machine Learning  IT skills (Python, Data Science for example) with salaries continuing to increase.

The average salary talentorder noted for a Data Scientist is £54,000.

Hybrid jobs
As the job market changes with the impact of Covid-19, employers are looking at combining roles adapting to business demands. I have seen this in areas such as compliance and risk management. Typically a large corporate business would appoint two leaders, however now we see the requirement for the role, but demand for skills in both risk and compliance leadership and hands-on delivery.


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