FinTech Skills in The Middle East

FinTech Skills in The Middle East
1.12.2020 | By Paul Adkins, Recruitment Director
The Middle Eastern countries have changed radically in the most recent years, having built wealth on the basis of Oil, the focus has shifted and Technology is a major development area.
The FinTech industry has massive opportunity for growth potential across the Middle East with a lot of innovation set-ups and government support, but what skills will be in demand?
We have conducted research over the last 6 months questioning our clients and contacts on what they believe will be future recruitment or skill gaps in their workforces. 
Below lists the top 5 skills and talent types, we believe will be in demand in 2021 for Middle East FinTechs:
1. Blockchain Developers
2. Product Managers
3. Cyber Security Specialists
4. Business Development Management
5. App Developers
If you represent expertise in the above or have interests in the above role types, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss our views, relationships and live job opportunities across the Middle East.
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Paul Adkins
Recruitment Director
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