Market views Thomas Sullivan

Market views from Thomas Sullivan - Principal FinTech Recruiter

1. What are you expecting to change in the employment market over the next 12months?

Despite an unprecedented 2020 the Fintech employment market managed to grow and will continue on a similar trajectory for the coming year. The market will require and receive niche, highly skilled professionals looking for a move out of working for larger corporate businesses.

2. What advice do you offer entry and experienced job seekers?

"Treat getting a job like having a job" - spend time expanding your network and work with niche recruitment businesses with expertise in your desired market.

3. What trends in the Fintech employment market do you expect to see?

The search for the next Unicorn will keep driving investment into the FinTech industry, ultimately creating more startups and more disrupters. The appeal of working for younger, disruptive startups will continue to pull talent from existing corporate businesses.



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