Digital Skills in High Demand for Business Consulting in the UAE

01.02.23 11:25 AM By Reiss Young

Digital Skills in High Demand for Business Consulting in the UAE

Technology in the UAE has been advancing rapidly over the past few years, and this has had a significant impact on how businesses are conducted across industries. As more businesses take advantage of digital tools and platforms, they have a growing need for personnel with expertise in these areas. This presents an excellent opportunity for business consulting firms operating in the UAE to take advantage of this demand by offering digital-focused services to their clients. Having a strong understanding of how technology works is essential for any successful business consulting firm operating within the UAE.

Digital Talent Gap

The demand for digital talent has also seen an increase, as there is currently a talent gap when it comes to finding skilled professionals who can use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Businesses are looking for consultants who have experience with these technologies and can help them leverage their potential so they can get ahead of their competitors. However, due to this talent gap, many companies are struggling to find experts who can provide them with the necessary advice and guidance. This presents an excellent opportunity for business consulting firms that specialise in digital skills and technologies to capitalise on this market need. 

Data Analysis and Visualisation 

Data analysis is an essential skill for business consulting professionals, as it helps them identify trends and make decisions based on factual evidence. Data visuaisation and analysis enable you to make big data understandable, as patterns, trends, and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognised. For consultants earlier in their career, having a good understanding of data analytic tools such as Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, and Tableau will help you stand out fromyour peers in the field. Being able to visualise data effectively will also be beneficial when it comes to presenting your findings to clients or senior stakeholders.


In light of consulting, this was one of the older advancements made that progressed the technology trend around five years ago. Since then, it has seen a drastic increase in expertise onboarding across the industry, but it shouldn’t stop there. As the world progresses further and further into the "Big Data" movement, consultants have the opportunity to advise companies on how to capitalise on the commodity not only manually, but also in conjunction with new AI tools. 

Software Development 

Having software development skills can also be a huge asset when it comes to business consulting in the UAE. Being able to develop custom applications or websites can be incredibly valuable when it comes to helping clients reach their goals more efficiently or even creating new solutions for existing problems. 

Knowing languages like JavaScript, Java, and Python will certainly put you ahead of other consultants looking for work in this area. Because this skill set is in high demand across all industries, there are a number of well-paying career opportunities to pursue as a contractor or employee, ultimately deciding what is best for you. 

From a consulting perspective, consultants with a thorough understanding of software development and engineering play a crucial role in keeping a firm's service offerings valuable because it’s become a fervent component of business at all scales (particularly at a global level). Understanding product development, build vs buy situations, and SaaS offerings, among others, is necessary for a consultant's ability to offer a well-rounded offering relating to the technological arm of the proposal. 

Cloud Computing

Another crucial digital technology to be kept on top of is cloud computing, which has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to manage their data more efficiently. The ability to store information securely off-site through cloud servers ensures that companies have access to their data whenever they need it without having to invest heavily in physical hardware or storage systems. 

Consultants should have a deep understanding of how cloud technology works so that they are able to advise companies on which services best suit their needs. This ties in well with the transformation component of consulting and increases the value of the service. Consultants should be encouraged to develop specialism around this subject matter as it is becoming the new bedrock of business and will continue to be built on top of it. 

Rounding Up

As technology advances across all sectors within the UAE, there is an increasing demand for personnel with expertise in digital skills. Data analysis and visualisation, software development, and cloud computing are the top three distinctive specialties that are growing in demand and are worth exploring. Having these abilities can help you become more connected within the organisation and a valuable asset to the business. In order for business consulting firms operating within the country to capitalize on this market need, they must integrate these skills into their core offerings by investing time and resources into training staff members while staying up-to-date with emerging trends within the tech industry. By doing so, they will be able to offer comprehensive packages tailored specifically to their clients' needs, which will enable them to remain competitive within an increasingly demanding marketplace.

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