How the Digital Operational Resilience Act impacts cyber security consultants

05.03.23 09:29 PM By Reiss Young

How the Digital Operational Resilience Act impacts cyber security consultants

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The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) in the UK has been created to strengthen cyber security and encourage organizations to assess their cyber risk. This act addresses a wide range of issues, including ransomware, third-party risks, and data protection. With the passing of this act, cyber security consulting is now more important than ever for companies operating in the UK. Let’s take a closer look at how DORA affects cyber security consulting.

The Impact on Cyber Security Consulting 

Now that DORA has been passed, cyber security consultants are going to be more in demand than ever before – especially those with expertise in the area of operational resilience. For instance, consultants may be asked to help businesses analyze their current security strategies and determine areas where they need improvement in order to comply with DORA’s requirements. Consultants may also be asked to help develop incident response plans or provide guidance on best practices around data protection and privacy laws. Additionally, consultants may be called upon to review third party contracts and verify that they are compliant with the new regulations set forth by DORA. 

Ransomware Protection

One of the key components of DORA is to protect against ransomware attacks. These attacks often involve malicious actors encrypting data on a company's systems and then demanding a ransom payment in order to unlock it. As such, companies must now be proactive about protecting their systems from these types of attacks by utilizing strong ransomware protection measures. This means that consultants must be familiar with all the latest techniques for preventing and mitigating ransomware attacks. 

Third-Party Risk Mitigation

Another key component of DORA is third-party risk mitigation. Companies are now responsible for ensuring that any third parties they work with have adequate cybersecurity measures in place to protect their data and systems from attack or exploitation. As such, consultants must be able to help companies assess their third-party partners and develop strategies for mitigating any potential risks associated with them. 

Data Protection Compliance

Finally, DORA requires organizations to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA when handling personal information or data related to customers or employees. In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, consultants must understand the requirements set out by each regulation and help companies create processes and policies that will ensure compliance at all times. 

Rounding Up

The Digital Operational Resilience Act in the UK is an important step forward for improving cyber security within organizations operating in the country. It has raised the bar for cyber security standards and put pressure on businesses to invest in robust cyber security measures if they wish to remain compliant with DORA’s requirements. As such, it has made cyber security consulting even more essential for companies operating in this environment as consultants can help them understand and meet all applicable regulations while also helping them identify potential weaknesses in their systems before they become an issue. In short, DORA has created an opportunity for consultants who specialize in cyber security as well as a need for them within organizations operating within the UK jurisdiction.

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