The Benefits of U.A.E Residence Visas and How to Obtain One 

02.03.23 12:00 PM By Reiss Young

The Benefits of UAE Residence Visas and How to Obtain One

For many professionals, obtaining a UAE residence visa is an important step in their career. With the right visa, you can enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with ease and enjoy a variety of benefits. From tax-free salaries to the chance to expand your professional network, here’s what you need to know about obtaining a UAE residence visa and experiencing its benefits.

How to Obtain a UAE Residence Visa

The process of obtaining a UAE residence visa depends on which emirate you are applying to. Generally speaking, there are two main ways to get one: through employment or through investment. In order to obtain an employment-based residence visa, you must first secure an offer of employment from an Emirati company. This could be from your current employer if they operate in the region or from another firm entirely. If applying through investment instead, this usually involves making large deposits into local banks or investing in property within the country. Once in the UAE, expats can apply for a residence visa and work permit. To do this, they must apply for a UAE visa; most expats first need an entry permit, also called a "pink card." This can be sponsored in a number of ways, such as through work, a hotel, or a resident family member.

What Documents Are Needed?

The documents required for both types of visas are broadly similar; most importantly, you will need your passport and original copies of any relevant contracts or agreements (if applying through employment). Additionally, depending on which emirate you are applying to, there may be other documents required, such as proof of income or health certificates. It is best to check with the specific authorities before submitting your application so that no important information is missing and delays can be avoided.  

The Benefits of Having a UAE Residence Visa

Having a valid UAE residence visa offers several advantages. 

This visa allows you to stay in the country without having to continually renew your status every few months. Secondly, it grants you access to tax-free salaries, as well as other perks such as free healthcare and education for dependents. 

One of the benefits of having a residence visa is the ability to also access government health services at reduced costs, by getting a health card. To know more about the health card fees for the Health Card issued by Emirates Health Services (EHS), and how you can get one, click here

The craze is still going strong on social media if you haven’t noticed yet. Living in the UAE gives all professionals the chance to expand their professional network, something that can be invaluable when it comes time for promotions or job searches.

Rounding up

A UAE residence visa offers many benefits for professionals looking to enter and work within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). From tax-free salaries and free healthcare for dependents to expanding your professional network, having, a valid residency visa opens up all these opportunities and more! There are two main ways that one can obtain a residence visa: either by securing an offer of employment from an Emirati company or by making large investments into local banks/property within the country. Each process has its own set of requirements; however all applications start with having a valid passport ready, along with any relevant. contracts/agreements (if applicable). Doing some research beforehand will ensure that all important information is noticed when submitting your application!

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